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APA Citation examples For a magazine article: Wilner, B. (2008, January 29). Brady gets taped up for Patriots workout., page numbers here if you have them. Retrieved on January 29, 2008. For Blog entry: basically the same as the magazine except you must include the URL Dave. (2008, January 25). Don’t believe the hype. Dave’s Football Blog. Retrieved on January 29, 2008 from believe-the-hype/ For a Journal article: Banerjee, D., Cronan, T. P., & Jones, T. W. (1998). Modeling IT ethics: A study in
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Unformatted text preview: situational ethics. MIS Quarterly, 22 (1), 31-60. Last name, first initial., Last name, first initial., & Last name, first initial. (year). Article title. .note that only first word id capitalized. Journal name in italics, volume # in italics (issue #), pages. For a website article (not a blog!): Smith, J. (2003). Education: The cyber frontier and children in the United States fact sheet [Electronic Version]. Business Software Alliance . Retrieved June 4, 2006 from
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