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Project Teams section 12

Project Teams section 12 - Asia Irving Jalisa Miller...

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Project Teams – 835.012 Team 1 Arielle Arlan Sheldon Chase Yehoshua Freed Michael Grimaldi Zachary Marcin Crystal Pizarro Team 2 Nolan Barth Asma Chughtai Nithin George Aharon Herbert Saladin McClain Mohamed Ramadan Team 3 Tirzah Bartley Kenneth Cini Scott Georgescu
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Unformatted text preview: Asia Irving Jalisa Miller Sabrina Sagesse Team 4 Anthony Bonanni Lloyd Codada Ashley Goodwin Ngoc Le Damyon Myers Raven Trueheart Team 5 John Carsia Stephen Dwamena Stephanie Green Stephanie Luu Sompheo Phuangmala George Vettom...
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  • Spring '11
  • Forman
  • Year of birth missing, Grimaldi Zachary Marcin, Nolan Barth Asma, Stephanie Green Stephanie, Tirzah Bartley Kenneth, Arlan Sheldon Chase

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