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Computer Software Abbe Forman Introduction There are two main categories of computer software, system software and application software . System software includes the operating system and utility software helps to configure and manage/maintain a computer. Application software is generally software that is used to make a job easier or more efficient (such as Microsoft Word). In the first part of this section we will tackle system software and later we will cover application software. The Operation System As mentioned above, system software has two sub-categories, and the first one we will cover is the operating system or OS. The OS controls the computer system. Some of the more common operating systems include: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX. The operating system is responsible for many tasks including: Managing the processor and its resources o Multitasking allows many computer processes to run simultaneously o Multithreading allows the user to do more than one thing within an application o Multiprocessing means that the OS divides up the work amongst several processors or several processor cores. Storage resources o Manages location of stored items as well as empty spaces Managing memory o Allocation of resources Input and out processes o Sets priorities for incoming and outgoing information and data User interface – see below The user interface is what allows people to communicate with the computer. Newer interfaces are referred to as GUI (pronounced “gooey”) or graphic user interface. The use of icons and clickable buttons makes communicating with the computer much easier than it originally was. Older user interfaces used a command line interface or command prompt where every instruction
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Computer Software - Computer Software Abbe Forman...

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