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Unformatted text preview: Question 1. Is there any difference between a password-protected message sent on company e-mail and a memo sealed in an envelope marked private sent through company mail? Yes, there is a difference between a password protected email and an actual physical memo sealed and marked through company mail. The difference is that an email is digital, and the email account is made available to you solely because of your company. Because they are providing you with this email account, it is easy for them to be able to monitor you. With a physical letter in the mail, a company cannot monitor what you write and send to other people. The only possible ways for the company to monitor what you write would be to read what you wrote before it is sent out, after it is received, or while it is being sent. To read it while it is being sent, the employer would have to open the letter up before it is delivered, and the person receiving the letter would be able to tell that someone opened it. These differences between the two forms of sending mail make it much more private and be able to tell that someone opened it....
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