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Question 1. In summer 2000, a 52-year old man died of a heart attack after taking Viagra and having sex three times with his girlfriend. He had purchased the drug without a prescription from a Web site that is now defunct. The man had heart disease; if he had gone to a doctor for the Viagra his condition might have been a reason not to prescribe it. The most popular drugs sold online are called “lifestyle drugs,” like Propecia for hair loss, Xenical for weight loss, and Viagra for sexual dysfunction. Why do you think these are best sellers? What are the ethics of e-drug sales that are more about “life-style” than illness? These types of drugs happen to be best sellers online because people usually feel weird about going to a doctor to ask for help. Especially with drugs that are supposed to fix erectile dysfunction, people feel embarrassed to go up to a doctor and talk about it. They resort to going online and finding the same drug without anyone having to know about it. The same goes for hair loss problems and weight problems, these can be embarrassing topics for many people. The ethics of e-drug sales that are more about life-style are probably less prominent than those of actual illnesses.
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