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Question 1. Visit the homepage of the Free Software Foundation, What are its current concerns? What kinds of open-sourceware are available? How useful are they to the average person? Its current concerns have to do with the freedom of having free software. They say that nonfree software is a bad thing because it goes against your freedom, and they compare it to being handcuffed. Because software is not physical, and it can be copied very easily, they believe that it should not be restricted from people that want to use it. FSF offers a list of eight different open source operating systems. Some other open sourceware include programs like GIMP that replaces Photoshop, and Open Office that replaces Microsoft Office. These programs are extremely useful to the average person because the average person uses Microsoft Office very often, and many people also use Windows as their operating system. Question 2. One of the antitrust charges made against Microsoft was that it had used its monopoly power in the operating system
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