dnacloning - DNA Cloning DNA cloning, also known as gene...

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DNA Cloning DNA cloning, also known as gene cloning and molecular cloning, is the process of transferring a fragment of DNA from one organism to a self replicating genetic element like a bacterial plasmid. The result of that process is producing multiple copies of that specific combination of the DNA strands, also called recombinant DNA. DNA cloning is important and very useful to scientists because it helps them to study genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology. It is very useful in vaccines, treatments, and cures. Vaccinations created with rDNA have many advantages. They do not need to be stored with refrigeration, and they can be easily mass produced. Vaccinations created with rDNA do not contain the actual live or killed virus. They can also be engineered to vaccinate against many variants at once. It is often used to genetically improve or clone crops or animals. Scientists have found ways to add nutritional properties to plants through the use of rDNA, often being able to correct problems with malnutrition. There are genes from different organisms that are known to improve taste and nutrition, that can be used to genetically engineer food crops. In terms of animals, many animals that are genetically engineered have better attributes, like health and growth. The most common technique of creating recombinant DNA is to take a vector DNA, which is normally a bacterial plasmid, and combining it with a restriction enzyme. An enzyme is a protein that takes part in chemical reactions inside of cells, while remaining in the same condition after the reaction has taken place. The restriction enzyme basically acts as scissors that cuts the DNA into specific parts. Then a DNA molecule is collected from the organism of
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dnacloning - DNA Cloning DNA cloning, also known as gene...

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