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Group Project FAQs - However you may have a different grading TA Please see Blackboard What’s a suggested timeline for completing this group

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G ROUP P ROJECT FAQ S Where do I find the group project assignment? Blackboard Assignments tab Group Project folder Who are my group members? See Blackboard Group Project folder I have tried contacting my group member and have not gotten a response. What do I do? If you have tried contacting your group member multiple times without a response, email your grading TA with (1) your group number, (2) the name of the non-responsive group member, and (3) the dates you tried to contact him/her. The TA will attempt to contact the non-responsive group member. If a timely response is not received, the TA will drop the student from the group. Can I drop a group member from the group if he/she does not respond? The only person who may drop a student from a group is your grading TA. Who is my grading TA for the group project? Most likely your regular grading TA is your TA for the group project.
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Unformatted text preview: However, you may have a different grading TA. Please see Blackboard. What’s a suggested timeline for completing this group project? • By Mon, Feb 21 make contact with your group members and exchange schedules to figure out the best times to meet. • Use the week of Feb 21 and Feb 28 to meet one or two times to discuss the problem, the cases, and the issues. Assign parts to each group member. • Meet during the week of Mar 14 to put together the paper and read through to make sure the paper is accurate, that everyone is arguing the correct side, etc. • Your project should be completed by Mar 18, leaving only minor review and editing for the last weekend. • Turn in group project by Mar 22 by 8:15 am. Do all group members have to attend the oral arguments? • Yes...
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