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Business Law Syllabus Spring 2011

Business Law Syllabus Spring 2011 - TEMPLE UNIVERSITY THE...

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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY THE FOX SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT Department of Legal Studies Legal Environment of Business - Law 1101 SYLLABUS – SPRING 2011 _________________________________________________________________________ Objectives: The legal system affects each of us on a daily basis. Educated citizens, no matter what career path they may choose, should be aware of the ways in which the law impacts their lives in a personal and business setting. This course will introduce students to the essential aspects of law with an emphasis on the legal environment of business. Students will learn the basics of contract, tort, property, and administrative law as well as international, corporate and employment law. For instance, the Legal Environment of Business will include a discussion of the types of legal entities one can form to run a business, as well as employer and employee relations. The political, social and economic forces that affect change are also discussed thereby providing guidance as to the future direction of the law in both the United States and around the world. This is also the required business law course in the Fox School of Business and Management. Book: Law for the Business Enterprise , Hodge, McGraw Hill Publishing Company, First Edition (2008). The book is available at both the Temple Book Store and Zavelles. Class: The first day of class is Tuesday, January 18, 2011 and the class will meet in Anderson 17. Spring recess is from March 6 to March 13, 2011. COURSE RULES AND IMPORTANT DATES 1. GRADING A . Grading is based on a total point score of 150. Points are allocated as follows: Exam 1 30 Points Exam 2 30 Points Final Exam 45 Points Group Project 20 Points Written Homework Assignments 15 Points Class Participation (clicker system) 10 Points Total 150 Points B . Examinations. There will be three (2) in-class examinations. The midterm examinations are worth forty (30) points each. The final examination is worth forty-five (45) points. All tests must be taken at the assigned time unless the professor or teaching consultant grants prior written permission. In the absence of an unforeseen emergency or prior written permission, a student who misses an examination will receive an "F" for that test or a score of zero (0) points. Any make-up examination that is administered will be different than the test given to the class during the announced date for the examination. In the rare event that you are allowed to take a makeup exam for which you did not have prior
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permission to take, you will be penalized five (5) points. C . Written Homework Assignments. There will be four (4) written homework assignments. Each assignment is worth five (5) points and your final grade will be based upon your top three grades for a total point score of 15 points. In other words, your lowest assignment will be dropped. This process is designed to take into consideration sickness, transportation problems or other unforeseen issues during a semester. Missed assignments may not be made up regardless of the reason . Take home assignments must be handed in no later than the beginning of the next class.
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Business Law Syllabus Spring 2011 - TEMPLE UNIVERSITY THE...

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