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Anthony Bonanni Professor Hodge – Grading TA LaDonna Harriott Law 1101 2-17-2011 Section 4.12 Problem 4-C Movie Contract 1. No, there is not a valid contract to use the materials for the film. According to the mailbox rule that states, “Acceptance on dispatch and revocation on receipt,” there is not a valid acceptance. The revocation was sent out on August 16 th and received by the film company on the 18 th . There is no valid contract because the film company dispatched their acceptance on August 19 th which is one day after they received the revocation of the offer. 2. Yes, the doctor can properly revoke his offer even though he stated that it was to remain open for ten days. The doctor sent out the revocation before the acceptance, and the revocation was received by the film company before they sent out their acceptance. According to what was stated in our lecture on February 15 th regarding the length that an offer can remain open, “An offer can be revoked anytime
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Unformatted text preview: before its acceptance or it can terminate by its own terms. 3. According to 8 th part of the agreement between the doctor and the film company, he only has one remedy against the film company. That remedy is exclusively stated as the recovery of any monetary damages. Also according to the same part in the agreement, the doctor is not allowed to issue an injunction. The issuance of an injunction was one of the many remedies that were waived by the agreement. 4. No, the film company is not liable for what the director does. It says in the 7 th part of the agreement that the film company is waived from all liability, even including invasion of privacy. Also mentioned in the 5 th part of this agreement is that the film company is authorizing that the director of the movie shall also abide by the terms of the agreement. The director will be personally liable for his or her own actions....
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