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Anthony Bonanni Professor Luke Jih Mosaic I 0851 02 March 2011 Comparison between Monkey and Gilgamesh In the novels Journey to the West and The Epic of Gilgamesh , both main characters are kings with the same intention of becoming immortal. There are many similarities and differences between the two leaders of these stories. Gilgamesh in The Epic of Gilgamesh is a corrupt and abusive leader, while Monkey from Journey to the West is at first a dedicated and loyal leader of his monkeys but then becomes very similar to Gilgamesh. Their main similarity is that they both fear death and seek to become immortal because of this fear. They also go about seeking immortality in very similar ways. They both take long journeys to look for a person that they know to be immortal, and ask that person to show them how to also become immortal. This essay will mainly cover the comparison between the origin, leadership, and personality of the two; and the comparison between their interactions with god figures. In The Epic of Gilgamesh , Gilgamesh is a king who is the ruler of the city he built himself, Uruk. He is at first a corrupt ruler and abuses his power by doing things like randomly sacrificing his warriors and sleeping with the wives of every man right before they get married. As the people of Uruk complain, they ask the goddess of creation, Aruru, to create a being that is strong enough to stand up against Gilgamesh. Aruru then creates a man named Enkidu because she was responsible for creating Gilgamesh, and he lives with the animals. Later on after a series
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of events occur, Enkidu and Gilgamesh finally meet and they fight. The fighting ceases immediately, and they become friends. Throughout the story, they both travel and go on adventures together ultimately trying to seek immortality. In Journey to the West , the main character is a monkey, who is born from a rock on the mountain of flowers and fruit. The monkey meets a group of monkeys on the mountain, and becomes the king of the group by completing the challenge of entering the cave behind the waterfall. One random day, Monkey King became sad because he realized that someday he would die. One of the monkeys told him that sages, immortals, and Buddha’s would live
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monkeyandgilgamesh - Anthony Bonanni Professor Luke Jih...

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