2011 Flood Narrative Gilgamesh vs Noah

2011 Flood Narrative Gilgamesh vs Noah - napishti and Noah...

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TEMPLE UNIVERSITY SPRING 2011 MOSAIC 851/951: HUMANITIES SEMINAR I INSTRUCTOR: LUKE [CHANG-SHIN] JIH Ph.D. Reflection Paper – Due by February 9, 2011 Typed; Single-spaced; No less than Two-Pages Compare and contrast the Narrative of Flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh and Torah: Uta-napishti’s Flood Story – The Epic of Gilgamesh XI, L8-209, pp. 88-95 Noah’s Flood Story – Genesis: chap. 6-9 Please answer the following questions: 1. What is the difference regarding “human evil” explained in these two flood narratives? Is the “genocide via flood” a good way of wiping out the evil? Does the quarrel of Mesopotamian gods after the flood make any sense? What is the alternative way of dealing with evil? 2. What are the reactions of Mesopotamian gods to the flood while it is happening, and after it happens? What is the reaction of Hebrew God afterwards? Is he happy about the outcome or not? Why? 3. Who are the survivals of flood? What are the differences in the check list of Uta-
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Unformatted text preview: napishti and Noah? Which version of personnel/animal/thing that needs to be saved from the flood makes more sense? 4. What were the rewards Uta-napishti and Noah received from their god(s) after the flood? What were the differences between their rewards? What did these differences say about these two kinds of theology? Pay special attention to the relationship between god(s) and humans. 5. Who are/is the major gods/god in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Torah? What are the differences between their theologies in terms of the characteristics of god(s) and governance system/decision-making process of god(s)? 6. There are many paralleled content and structure occurred in these two flood stories. What is your interpretation about their similarities? Do you think there is an editorial relationship between these two narratives? If so, which is the original one, or none of them? Why?...
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2011 Flood Narrative Gilgamesh vs Noah - napishti and Noah...

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