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Genesis 1- 3 Group project

Genesis 1- 3 Group project - Class Activity To Know Each...

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Class Activity – To Know Each Other Introducing yourself: name, major, cultural or religious upbringings, family, specialties, personal hobbies, etc.. Exchanging email and phone number Finding three things in common among the members of your study group Problematizing the Familiar Group Discussion (Book of Genesis 1-3) Are the two cosmogonies (origin of the world) in conflict with each other? Why? What are the questionable factors (Genesis 1: 1-31; 2: 1-3, and 2: 4-14) ? Are the two accounts of the creation of man and woman (Gen. 1: 26-28, and Gen. 2: 7 & 15-24) in conflict with each other? Why? What is the “gender relationship” implied in the description like that “God created Eve out of rib of Adam”? What is your take-on when God is portrayed as the God who did not know ahead of time that “man shouldn’t be alone,” and “there is no suitable partner for Adam in the animal Kingdom”? What was the warning of God regarding the fruit of the “Tree of knowledge” (Gen.
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