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Anthony Bonanni Bonanni-1 Professor Schild English 0802 14 November 2010 Synthesis of the Past Simply judging the past is not an effective way of teaching and learning from history because it is not productive towards a better future . Actually analyzing mistakes made in the past can help people head in the right direction by not making the same mistakes already made in history . The main reason that judging people and decisions of the past is not effective is because no one learns from judging . It is easy to call someone a bad person or say that a decision made was a bad choice . The result of doing that is people wasting their valuable time while they could be using that time to research history . Researching history and learning about the outcomes of various decisions made is the only way to influence people to make better decisions in the present time . It is known that everyone makes mistakes; it is a fact of human life . By learning about the past, we can help to reduce some of the mistakes made people, to create a better future for everyone . Contrary to this argument, many people think it is okay to judge someone in history if they know enough information about the person or the situation . A good example of a person that is constantly judged for his actions in the past is William Frederick Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill . He is known as a hero of the Western Frontier, and also as a criminal of the
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Bonanni-2 Western Frontier . He was a very adventurous and brave man . He discovered a lot of land in Western America . In the process of adventuring out west, he hunted many buffalo for sport, and they almost went extinct because of him . Many battles took place between European settlers and Native Americans, and he contributed in many of those battles, killing many Native Americans throughout his life . Proponents of the side saying that judging is okay are usually quick to label Buffalo Bill as a bad person . One might say that because of all the bad things he has done, it does not matter what else he did in his life, he was a bad person . The problem with this statement is that they are ignoring what else went on during these times . There were different standards of living, and the environment in which they grew up in was much different to the modern environment . One of the differences in his environment was technology. The level of technology that he had was a lot less advanced than what our time has now. Out west he was not able to go to a store and buy packaged meat, he had to hunt for it himself. People then were more self sufficient, and had to do some things differently just to survive. Society today judges them as bad people because our society has never had to survive by hunting. If our society knew what it was
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