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Anthony Bonanni Bonanni - 1 Professor Schild English 0802 23 September 2010 Response to Petra Kelly “Nonviolent Social Defense” I agree with a lot that was said by Petra Kelly in terms of her opinions on non-violence, but I do not agree with many of her approaches to fixing the problem of violence. Influencing peace is a great thing to do, but it is not realistic in this modern era. Peace does not work against angry, violent people that want the worst for everyone. Everyone that is against violence would love to have a completely peaceful world, but how will they go about spreading peace to people that just do not want peace? She wants a ". way to peace that is completely without the use of military force," but I find this to be completely impossible because I think that the only way to spread peace to violent people is to be violent
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Unformatted text preview: to them. Peace can only be forced upon violent people, because they are obviously not willing to consider peace. She also mentioned something called social-defense. I think that it is a terrible idea because you cannot defend yourself as a nation from another nation whose only concern is to destroy this nation. Social defense may be able to work against a nation that you are in a disagreement with. It will absolutely not work against a terrorist organization that only wants to kill us, and does not care how they have do it. She mentions that violence leads to more violence, but she does not understand that open communication and love do not work against angry, hateful nations and organizations. When it comes to hateful nations, everything you try to do will lead to more violence from them, except for defeat....
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