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Anthony Bonanni Bonanni - 1 Professor Schild English 0802 23 September 2010 Response to Martin Luther King Jr. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Letter from Birmingham jail was written after he was sent to prison for being a part of a nonviolent protest. There were a lot of topics in this letter that I really liked, including his step process for conducting a nonviolent campaign. One was the collection of the facts to determine to validity of the injustices you are trying to convey. It is important to prove that something is unjust before you go about protesting it. Second was to negotiate, which is important if you are trying to remove something unjust, because the people that made it that way are going to want something in return. Third is self-purification, which is necessary if you want to be able to withstand what is happening to you, without retaliation.
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Unformatted text preview: Finally there is direct action, which has to be used to create tension so that something can be done about the situation. I also really liked what he said about religion and churches near the end of the letter. He mentioned his disapproval of the current churches stances on the issue of segregation. Being raised as a minister himself, he cannot believe that many churches are not his strongest allies, but actually some of his strongest opponents. I understand completely what he is saying because churches should support desegregation and equality; it is part of their morals. When they support segregation, they are being extremely hypocritical to god because god would not want a church to follow his word while being so against it....
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