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Sam Schild English 802 Section 048 Final Portfolio Requirements Due Date: Thursday December 9, 2010 Anderson 958 Requirements: Your are to place all contents of your portfolio in some kind of folder that will hold everything. A standard two pocket folder is fine. In your portfolio there will be a “clean” section and a “messy” section. In the clean section you will put your four revised final versions of papers #1-4. Also on the clean side will be a portfolio reflection letter. This we will start in class, but the final reflection letter should be typed (more on the reflection letter below). On the messy side you will include all drafts of your papers from this semester, with the exception of paper #1. You only need to include one of your two peer review drafts in your portfolio for this paper (If you wish to include two peer review drafts of paper one, that is okay with me). That means you will have two versions of each paper on your messy side. If you don’t have two version include what you do have. Pick two blog posts
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