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Anthony Bonanni – Application Assignment #3 “Create” The most important enabler of creativity would have to be vision. Without a vision, it is difficult to be creative, because you need to have some kind of goal that you want to reach. With that goal in mind, you can be creative and think of many different ways to reach that goal. The goal could be anything like increased profit, increased production, and increased customer satisfaction. Approaching a manager with a personal vision of your own is also a great way to encourage creativity where you work. As I have been working at Wawa for the last six months, I have seen a lot of creativity from my General Manager and other store leaders. My General Manager knows very well that he has to keep up with changing times. He knows that it is extremely important to be creative to be able to compete and keep up with changing expectations. The first and biggest creative idea he had was to open up a new store. The first store was just a regular, small Wawa. Across the
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