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Anthony Bonanni – Application Assignment #5 “Collaborating” There are many enablers of collaboration within an organization. The main enablers are communication, effective teamwork, and the need for decision making. At Wawa, all three of these enablers help us reach our goal of effective collaboration at work. Collaboration is one of Wawa’s strongest attributes, and one of our biggest factors in our success. Without collaboration, working at Wawa would not be the same, and we would not be as successful as we are when we work together. One of the enablers of collaboration that works for us at Wawa is decision making. Whenever there is a decision that needs to be made, it gets brought up to everyone. Something as simple as the decision of where to store certain items and products can be a conflict within a business, especially at a big Wawa. The best way to solve little conflicts like this is to get everyone’s opinion and to make an informed decision hearing what everyone thinks. Most of the
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