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Anthony Bonanni – Application Assignment #6 “Competing” At Wawa, it is extremely important for us to compete with other firms in the market. There are many different ways that we compete with other firms. We use differentiation, cost- leadership, and niche as our ways of competing in the markets. Our products need to be different than other retailers in order for us to win over the customers. Some of the firms that Wawa competes with include Seven Eleven, Starbucks, Sheetz, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds and various other firms that sell similar products to Wawa. The first competitive strategy that we use would be niche. We sell many different products, and we make sure that we create an edge over other firms that sell only the same product. We try to do our best to compete with firms that specialize in certain products, like coffee for example. A good example of a firm that specializes in coffee would be Starbucks. Wawa also has coffee, but what we do differently from Starbucks and other coffee retailers is
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