religion paper milestones

religion paper milestones - man-made theories both...

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Ashley Williams RELI 1001 Honercamp 15 September 2010 Milestones This article starts off by making the statement that mankind is headed in the wrong direction and has not guidance; basically, humanity is devoid of vital virtues for its healthy development and real progress. Democracy of the West has become sterile and now relies on socialism of the East. However, Marxism of the East is crumbling as well. This is because Marxist theory conflicts with man’s nature and needs. Humanity needs new leadership. Marxism lost out to democracy, and now democracy is crumbling because it has lost those life-giving values that enabled it to first become a leader of mankind. The new leadership needs to combine elements from the East and the West to provide harmony among humanity. This idea and way of life is only possessed by the Islamic system. All
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Unformatted text preview: man-made theories, both individualistic and collectivist, have proved to be failures at leading mankind to a place of harmony. At this crucial point, where mankind must decide how to continue, Islam and the Muslim community are at the forefront because they provide the needed qualities. Islam embraces material progress and inventions as long as everything is in the name of Allah because this purpose was given to man by Allah. Islam fulfills its role through leadership. So, now that democracy of the West is diminishing, Islam has to be there to provide for mankind. It provides more than material progression, but also promotes the idea of submission to Allah. The movement is called Jahiliyyah....
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religion paper milestones - man-made theories both...

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