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Religion Judaism Film Report - Ashley Williams RELI 1001...

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Ashley Williams RELI 1001 Honercamp October 15, 2010 Judaism Film Report Judaism and Christianity are often intertwined and confused among the common population. For me, personally, I hope the film clears up a few misconceptions or preconception that I previously had. The film is basically a documentary or a commentary. The two men arrived in Jerusalem, and one of the men said that the first thing he thought of and felt was strife. This strife was between Christians and Jews. It is ironic, however, because Jerusalem is supposed to be a place of peace. When they got to Jerusalem, they met up with a very well-known doctor, and they went to a very sacred wall. At this wall, people go to pray and worship the Lord. In fact, I have been to this wall with my church in 2000. The doctor begins to tell the purpose of Judaism which is as a means of communication, first between man and Father, also between man and man. It is similar to Islam because there is a vertical relationship between God and man and a horizontal relationship between man and man. Also, Judaism is significant to show man how to walk out and live life.
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Religion Judaism Film Report - Ashley Williams RELI 1001...

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