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Religion Jewish ways of being religious

Religion Jewish ways of being religious - Judaism Another...

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Ashley Williams RELI 1001 Honercamp October 13, 2010 Ways of Being Religious “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is One.” This statement is written in the Shema, and it is the central, most important teaching of Judaism. The Shema is a book of prayers that are recited in the morning and in the evening. Believers of Judaism also understand the importance of history. For them, it is very important to watch and learn from history. However, there is more than one history. As in many other religions, there is more than one type of Judaism. With this being said, it is easy to understand that not all people who are Jewish practice Judaism. Likewise, there are Judaists that are not Jewish. Being Jewish, then, seems to be more along the line of race while Judaism is the religion. These two do not require each other for one to exist, but there is a high correlation between the two. This fact complicates the study of
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Unformatted text preview: Judaism. Another fact that complicates the study of Judaism is that Judaism has long played a role in Christian myth and thought. This means that many people who come to study Judaism are from Christian background and they come with many preconception and notions. Judaists are often viewed as stubborn and as worse than the “heathen” to many Christians. Basically, “the negative views about Judaism taught by Christian theology, combined with the varieties of Judaism and the ambiguity of the word Jew, complicate our study.” Relating back to one of the beginning statements, the study of Judaism is greatly influenced by the study of the history of Abraham, his descendants, and there story of exile and return. Jacob Neusner, a professor of religion, continues the story of exile and return and displays its influence on the religion of Judaism. He discusses all the different ages of Judaism....
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