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Religion Islam Research

Religion Islam Research - Ashley Williams RELI 1001...

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Ashley Williams RELI 1001 Honercamp 27 September 2010 Eliade, Mircea. “Islamic Concepts.” The Encyclopedia of Religion . 13 th Vol. 1987. 461-65. Research Paper for Islam Using the Encyclopedia of Religion , I examined the Islamic concepts of the soul from four different vantage points: traditional, theological, philosophical, and mystical (Sufi). Before exploring the detailed research about the concepts of Islam from these vantage points, the encyclopedia discussed the meaning of the terms “spirit” (ruh) and “soul” (nafs) and their relationship to each other based on the Qu’ran. The term ruh is used in the Qu’ran to refer to God’s spirit while the term nafs is used to refer to the human soul. The two are closely connected in that God breathes life into Adam by breathing His spirit into him. When death arrives, the soul leaves the body, and on the Day of Judgment, they rejoin one another. Good souls go to paradise and wicked souls go to hell. However, some good souls such as martyrs go directly to paradise instead of waiting on the Day of Judgment. This sets the stage for the study of the soul from the four different vantage points of Islam.
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