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Religion conjuring with islam

Religion conjuring with islam - as the ideas that Muslims...

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Ashley Williams RELI 1001 Honercamp 17 September 2010 Conjuring with Islam, II Tuesday, September 11, 2001, became known as “black Tuesday”. This day was the day of the worst terrorist attack to hit American soil. This attack is also linked to the Muslim religion, Islam. This crazy event was also followed by a period of forgetfulness. Still, this all brought many questions to the surface. At a meeting, the author was engaged about discussion of the link between violence and religion, mainly Islam. One of his peers commented that religion and stereotypes now go hand- in-hand after the tragedy of 9-11. The stereotype, dividing the world into two, allows for no peace between good and evil. The author then illustrates many of the ideas in which Westerners perceive Muslims such
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Unformatted text preview: as the ideas that Muslims are not modern or that they are violent. Then he goes on to say that other authors write about Muslims in a negative way also, but in a different way. Basically, the author cites other authors that claim to have authority and knowledge about the Muslim world when all but one have never traveled to Muslim countries. He claims that these authors never answer the question of why Muslims hate Americans so much. Instead this author resorts to history to answer the question. He addresses a specific example of the decisions that the American government makes. For example, he talks about Bush relating to countries of the Muslim world and Korea as an axis of evil. Basically, America needs to develop morals and a sense of humanity....
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