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Exam 1 review - Leptin has negative effect at the ovary...

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Hypothalamus pituitary ovary GnRH LH/FSH estrogen/progesterone/activin/inhibin Estrogen produced by small follicles. Estrogen goes to other parts of body and prepares for ovulation & implantation. Estrogen goes back and has negative effect on hypothalamus through kisspeptin. Progesterone is essential for positive feedback to get surge of LH to get ovulation. Progesterone produced by F1 follicle in birds and released to bloodstream. Progesterone formed after ovulation and maintains pregnancy and implantation. Actvin has vital role in selection and has positive feedback on FSH. Inhibin has negative effect on the brain because it conteracts activin by F1 follicle. Leptin produced by fat cells goes to the brain and stimulates kisspeptin production which then binds to its receptors which stimulates hypothalamus to produce GnRH.
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Unformatted text preview: Leptin has negative effect at the ovary when there are way too many fat cells which then cause the ovary to make less estrogen and progesterone. Adiponectin produced by fat cells…more fat cells more resistin…less fat cells less resistin insulin more productive with more adiponectin. Adiponectin works to decrease GnRH and LH and overall to shut down reproduction. Light is important but not as critical as nutrition. In temperate zones light can be used to stimulate the hypothalamus to produce GnRH. Llight related indirectly to melatonin. More light less melatonin…less light more melatonin Melatonin GnIH production GnIH production leads to less LH and FSH....
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