AESC 4920S Journal 4 - On Monday, my teacher was absent so...

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Meserat Zemui February 12, 2011 AESC 4920S Journal 4 For the past two weeks the students have been doing history in the place of science. Since this month is black history month, the students have been learning a great deal about black history. On Wednesday, they began working on a project for black history month. They had nine different options to choose from. They had two days to work on the project and then they were going to present it on Friday. I believe it went well. For the most part the students understood the assignment and began working right away. The only challenges were that there were not enough teachers to help all the students with the assignment. The students learned exactly what was expected of them. They had to do a little bit of research on the topic by using books provided. They included the important parts in their project which shows me that they are learning.
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Unformatted text preview: On Monday, my teacher was absent so I replaced Monday with Friday. On Friday, they did their presentation. All the students did an excellent job with their projects and presentations. The projects turned out nicely and they even included some extra information in their projects. The presentations were cute and I was impressed by how much the students learned from doing their projects. Interestingly enough I was also shocked by how much they were learning from each other. The students were paying attention to their classmates and learning a lot. All in all this week has been a good week and the students learned everything that was expected of them. Next week should be the beginning of our science segment....
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AESC 4920S Journal 4 - On Monday, my teacher was absent so...

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