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AESC 4920S Journal 5

AESC 4920S Journal 5 - very quiet student but at the same...

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Meserat Zemui AESC 4920S February 20, 2011 Journal 5 The student that is most problematic for me is one of the special education students. He is the most problematic because he often times lashes out which can make it very difficult to teach. He has a learning disability and will yell when he does not understand the assignment or when things are not working right. He also will give up on an assignment before even trying the assignment. I have tried working with him on several occasions and getting him to calm down but I often leave it up to the parapro to assist him. In the future, I plan on trying to calm him down myself and explain the assignment in a way that he can understand. There is also a student in the class whom I feel I have the least in common with. She is a
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Unformatted text preview: very quiet student but at the same time very bright. She comes from a Spanish speaking home. She is also often in the background while all the activities and assignments are occurring. I feel as though I have the least in common with her because she is a quiet student and I am quite the opposite. I have tried to call on her and get her to answer in class questions and participate in experiments and discussions. In the future, I plan to work with her more in order to get her to discuss and answer questions as well as participate in the activities. My main goal is to prevent her from fading into the background and not learning the necessary material to move on to fourth grade....
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