AESC 4920S Journal 7

AESC 4920S Journal 7 - the students They have enjoyed the...

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Meserat Zemui AESC 4920S March 6, 2011 Journal 7 A good teacher is one who puts his/her students first and caters to the needs of the students. A good teacher also promotes higher learning. For example a good teacher makes learning interesting and fun for the students by using hand-on activities as well as visual examples. My teacher is a good teacher because she incorporates technology into the classroom which makes the students excited to accomplish their work while learning something at the same time. She incorporates laptops for the kids to play math games and she also uses the smart board for reading comprehension and math. I have found that the students enjoy participating in these activities and are prone to remembering the material they learned because they enjoyed the lesson. As a teacher, my main approach has been hands-on activities such as experiments with
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Unformatted text preview: the students. They have enjoyed the experiments and look forward to the lessons. For example, I used beakers of hot and cold water and food coloring to demonstrate the properties of hot and cold molecules. They seemed to really enjoy the lesson and grasped the concept. I would consider this an example of good teaching. A good teacher does not cater to certain students who seem “bright” or ahead of the rest of the class while leaving the others behind. A good teacher also does not punish students for wrong answers. On one of my first lessons a few semesters ago, I was doing an introduction to magnets and I noticed that I was only choosing the students who always asked questions. I was not including the other students in the discussion. Since then I have been working on that but I would consider that as an example of bad teaching....
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AESC 4920S Journal 7 - the students They have enjoyed the...

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