Journal 2 spring 11 - to how they work. I do agree with...

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Meserat Zemui AESC 4920S January 30, 2011 Journal 2 I was assigned to Mrs. Nancy Tisdale at Whit Davis Elementary for the second time. The classroom is considered a collaborative classroom meaning the students have a broad range of ability ranging from special education to non special education. The special education students need a little extra help in addition to the special education teacher, and I help them along the way. For a behavior plan she uses the clap method meaning when she claps five times the students respond with five claps at which point they should be quiet. I have a similar teaching style to my teacher’s because she seems to be very interested in science and teaching the students about science. I also feel like we both will take a fun approach to learning science by using hands on activities. I think that the science sections are based on life science and things that the children see in everyday life. It applies the things that they notice on a daily basis and gives an explanation as
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Unformatted text preview: to how they work. I do agree with what the science sections claim about science and I think it is important for the students to learn and understand these things. It is important because they need to apply these concepts to the science that takes place around them. I believe that the science content is adequate for students at their grade level, and it is easy for me to teach the content at their grade level. It is easier for me to teach these science concepts at a simplistic elementary level because I have taught many of the sections in the past as a Project Focus student. Thinking back to elementary science, I feel like the same basic standards were taught but they were not called standards. When I was in elementary school, I did not even know that there were levels or standards of learning that we should be taught at, but nowadays the students are very aware of the performance standards....
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Journal 2 spring 11 - to how they work. I do agree with...

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