Journal 3 - water, and tested what materials magnets can...

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Meserat Zemui February 7, 2010 AESC 4920 Journal 3 This week I taught a section on magnets. We did an activity involving four stations where at each station we test different properties of magnets. There was also a sheet for the students to fill out. The students took on really well to the activity. They followed instructions well and grasped the concepts of the activity. They participated in all the activities and filled out the sheet as well. I knew they grasped the concept because they were responding to the questions being asked and asking questions in return. At the four stations, we had an activity that tested the strength of the north and south poles, tested what materials magnetism can go through, tested if magnetism can go through
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Unformatted text preview: water, and tested what materials magnets can attract. During the activity testing the strength of magnetism through water the magnet we used was not strong enough to lift paper clips from the water although when I performed the experiment earlier with another magnet it worked. So if I was to reteach the lesson I would use the same magnet I had used earlier. That was the only challenge through the whole experiment. I also taught a mini lesson introducing the concepts of magnetism. I was surprised at how much the children knew about magnets and how quickly they caught on to the new material. They also seemed very interested in the new material. Through that experiment there were not any challenges....
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Journal 3 - water, and tested what materials magnets can...

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