Journal 6 - experiment while the student teacher helped to...

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Meserat Zemui Journal 6 This week we conducted an experiment which taught the children about insulation. First, they wrote down their hypothesis in their science journals and they discussed possible options of why might happen during the experiment. For the experiment, we had two two-liter soda bottles that we filled with warm water. We wrapped one bottle with some type of insulation and the children recorded the temperature of the water in five minute intervals. They observed that the temperature of the water wrapped in the insulator decreased at a slower rate than the bottle with no insulation. So from this experiment they learned what makes a good insulator and different types of insulators. They understood this concept well because of the demonstration, and I was really proud that they grasped the concepts so well. This leads me to believe that the children can tackle difficult concepts and apply them to everyday life. In the science lesson, I conducted the
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Unformatted text preview: experiment while the student teacher helped to explain the concept behind the experiment. I think the children have become excited about learning science by my presence. They think science is cool and they look forward to the activities and experiments I have planned for them. They have fun debating with their classmates and the teachers on what they think will happen and their rationale behind it. Sometimes it is hard teaching the students because I try to make sure that I am teaching it on their level without going above their heads. It is also difficult to make certain sections interesting and fun. From this experience I have gained a lot. I have learned that many times science is not a priority in the schools and that many children have a negative view towards science and they just think it is boring. I have also learned how to appreciate science even at the elementary level....
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Journal 6 - experiment while the student teacher helped to...

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