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Journal 8 - class as well I do believe that this student...

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Meserat Zemui March 28, 2010 Journal 8 There is a little girl in my class who is an English language learner. Her native language is Spanish. This student struggles mainly in reading English but in speaking English as well. In the classroom she is extremely quiet and often times she keeps to herself. A possible step to reaching out to her could be to call on her to answer questions more often. Another step could be making sure she is included in class discussions more often. My teacher works with this student by helping her with her reading and writing skills. My teacher also sends her to another teacher who can better help her in these areas. She also makes the accommodations that I am recommending although at times it may be hard since there are so many other students in the
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Unformatted text preview: class as well. I do believe that this student belongs in this classroom. This classroom provides other English speaking students which can help her to learn the language quicker and learn syntax as well. I feel as though moving this student to another classroom may potentially be harmful for the student especially if she is moved to a classroom with other English language learners. First she would feel as though she is different from the other students which could possibly lead to self confidence and isolation issues. Secondly she would be losing out on the opportunity to learn the language from her English speaking peers. I think this classroom is ideal place for her as long as the teacher makes sure not to leave her behind....
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