journal four - things that could be built with magnets....

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Journal 4 On Monday, I did an experiment where I placed a magnet under a piece of paper and spread a light dusting of iron filings above the magnet. The lines formed by the iron filings around the magnet shows the magnetic field of the magnet. It also shows the magnetic field when two magnets that attract or repel are used. The experiment went well and the children were excited to see what they have been learning put into effect. I would not do anything differently if I got the chance to repeat this experiment. The only challenge was that since the iron filings are so tiny I had to be careful around the kids. The students really grasped the concept behind the experiment as they were using key terms and applying them to the experiment as well as answering every question presented. They were also asking questions relating to magnetic fields and comparing it to what they had done in class. On Friday, we closed the segment on magnets. First, they wrote in their science journals about what they had learned about magnets. Then we explored through a box that had different
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Unformatted text preview: things that could be built with magnets. They really enjoyed doing something fun with magnets and applied the different aspects of magnets while playing with them. We also built an electromagnet which is somewhat out of the range of their segment on magnets but to my surprise the children understood the concept of the electromagnet and how it worked. They really enjoyed the electromagnet and still learned a valuable lesson. If I got the chance to repeat this experiment tomorrow there is nothing I would do differently. The only challenge through the experiment was that there were about fifteen children who all wanted to play with the same thing at once. I really liked this experiment because the kids got a chance to do something really cool and educational at the same time. I know the children grasped the concept because they again applied the concepts learned in class as well as key terms while playing with the magnets....
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journal four - things that could be built with magnets....

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