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History 2111 paper 2 - Zemui 1 Meserat Zemui Claudio Saunt...

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Zemui 1 Meserat Zemui Claudio Saunt History 2111 November 13, 2007 Proposal of Changes Dear members of the board of trustees: I have been informed that attendance at the Pebble Hill Plantation has been constantly decreasing over the past years, and I believe that part of the problem lies in the structure of the website. The composition of the website must follow the conveniences allowed in this modern day because the majority of the population receives their information via the internet. I have come to the conclusion that the website, http://www.pebblehill.com/mainhouse.htm , needs to be drastically revised. Some suggestions to revising the website are as follows: make the website more user-friendly, include a virtual tour, include more historical information on the plantation, include a wider range of products in the gift shop link on the site, and use better colors and a better background to brighten up the website. The website is currently operating in a very old fashioned manner. It is a hassle to find pertinent information on the website primarily because all the links are located on the left side of the site which means that customers would have to scroll all the way down the page in order to find the necessary information. This alone might turn away some customers because people are more likely to get a better image of the plantation if the site is easy to use. So, by moving the links to the top of the page, it makes the website more accessible to getting the necessary
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Zemui 2 information. Another suggestion would be to include a virtual tour on the home page that immediately starts up when the customer gets on the site. Through the tour they can get an appealing snippet of the plantation which would be long enough to grab their attention and short
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History 2111 paper 2 - Zemui 1 Meserat Zemui Claudio Saunt...

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