multicultural interview Winter 11

multicultural interview Winter 11 - ED 315 Diverse...

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ED 315: Diverse Perspectives in Education Multicultural Interview Assignment PURPOSE: This assignment has multiple purposes. First, of course, it is hoped that you will gain insights into at least one ethnic and/or cultural perspective on American culture with which you were previously unfamiliar. The assignment is also intended as a first (or early) step in a long process of gaining intercultural competence. Furthermore, you may begin to draw some distinctions between cultural identity, on one hand, and individual identity, on the other. Along the way this multicultural interview enhances your observation, communication, writing, and thinking skills. DESCRIPTION: For this assignment you are required to do a face-to-face interview (i.e., not over the phone or internet) with an individual who comes from a cultural background connected to (at least) one major ethnic minority group in the United States. Select an individual from one of the following major ethnic groups; African American, Asian American, Latino, or Native American, preferably one with which you do not identify. 1.
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multicultural interview Winter 11 - ED 315 Diverse...

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