reading guide- School Chs. 3 and 4

reading guide- School Chs. 3 and 4 - discrimination in...

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ED 315: Diverse Perspectives in Education Reading Guide School: The Story of American Public Education Chapter 3: 1. Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka -Discuss the background of the case: the established policy of segregation and the process by which the NAACP lawyers built their challenge -Describe the reasoning used in the decision and its immediate effects 2. Describe how the Civil Rights Act and Elementary and Secondary Education Act led to the implementation of integration 3. Civil rights and Mexican Americans -Describe how Crystal City, Texas exemplified Mexican American efforts to equalize education -Identify changes made in bilingual education in the 1970’s 4. Identify at least two other areas in which the civil rights movement challenged
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Unformatted text preview: discrimination in education 5. Describe the Supreme Court case that began to reverse the trend of desegregation in schools Chapter 4: 1. A Nation at Risk-Identify the main claim about educational quality made in this government report-Describe the main recommendations made in the report 2. School Choice-Describe differences between public and private school choice plans-Identify at least two reasons for and against the use of school vouchers 3. Give three examples of corporate involvement in public schools 4. Describe the consensus among political leaders about the use of standards and testing in education...
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reading guide- School Chs. 3 and 4 - discrimination in...

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