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Roundtable winter 11 - ED 315 Diverse Perspectives in...

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ED 315- Diverse Perspectives in Education (Winter 2011) Round Table assignment- April 12 th - 21 st , 2011 Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to explore a specific social/cultural issue related to education through discussion and analysis of an assigned book on the topic. As a group, your task will be to explain the main ideas of the book and their relevance to education. Individually, you are responsible for reflecting on themes raised in the book, evaluating those themes from some perspective you have encountered in this class (this could come from your educational thinker, an author we have read, or a theoretical view we have discussed), and developing your own interpretation of the book and its relevance to education. There are really two goals you should keep in mind. First, the roundtable should demonstrate that you have read and understood key ideas in the book, so that you are able to discuss those with others in a way that explores the book’s meaning and purpose. And second, by the
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