Description of Research Assignment #1

Description of Research Assignment #1 - PSYCHOLOGY CULTURE...

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The purpose of this assignment is to assess how you use scientific evidence to support or refute a claim about cross-cultural differences or similarities in psychological phenomenon. First, review the four claims written below and choose TWO to evaluate as part of this assignment. Second, locate and read journal articles that depict research studies that provide supportive evidence or evidence that refutes the claim. Specifically, journal articles (which describe one or more research studies in detail and thus contain “Methods” and “Results” sections) must be used for this assignment. Journal articles are distinct from chapters and review articles, which are not applicable for this assignment. You must find at least one article applicable to each claim. You may find yourself reading a couple (or several) articles as well as some background literature before finding one that you think directly relates to the claim. Third, write a response to the claim. Importantly, this response must convey HOW and WHY the research studies reported in the journal article supports or refutes the claim. This means that you will need to summarize the research study (or studies) described in the article – including the background literature, the research methods, and the results – and discuss why these findings provide support (or refute) the claim. When summarizing the research studies described in the journal article, please be sure to report/discuss… 1. Information from the study’s introduction (which involves the text before the “Methods” heading) that you believe is pertinent to the topic of the claim. This definitely includes the definitions of the
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Description of Research Assignment #1 - PSYCHOLOGY CULTURE...

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