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Lab 0 I NTRODUCTION T O M ATLAB AND E QUIPMENT 1 of 1 Report By: Lab Partner: Lab TA: Section: Report Guidelines: ___/20 For this report you will need three files: 1.) LabReport0.m (the main file that runs the other two) 2.) StepResponseMetrics.m (a file you will edit to show M p , t r and t ss ) 3.) controllerlab0.mdl (A S IMULINK model) All three files must be saved in the same directory. You only need to edit StepResponseMetrics.m. You can run all three by typing LabReport0 in the Matlab
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Unformatted text preview: command window because LabReport0.m calls the other two files. What to hand in: Use this file as a template (put your name for the Report By line, your partner’s name in the lab partner line, etc.). You must submit a printout showing M p , t r and t ss , as found in StepResponseMetrics.m. It should look something like the following: Note: you must show M p , t r , t ss values and must have similar titles and labels. Total: ____/20...
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