HWc - f t T in terms of the poles of f t 3 What is the ROC...

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ECE 493 HW #12 – Version 1.0 February 12, 2011 Spring 2011 Univ. of Illinois Due Tues, Feb 22 Prof. Allen Topic of this homework: Harder Laplace transforms Deliverable: Show your work. 1 Semi-periodic functions 1. DeFne the somewhat weird notation: f ( t )) T s n =0 f ( t - nT ) . ±ind an expression for f ( t )) T in terms of the Laplace transform ( L ) of f ( t ). Hint: Write this as a convolution, then take the L of the convolution. 2. Describe the poles of
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Unformatted text preview: f ( t )) T in terms of the poles of f ( t ). 3. What is the ROC for this example? 4. Next deFne the even more weird notation: f (( t ) T ≡ s n =-∞ f ( t-nT ) . Does this make sense? If so, why, if not why not? 1.1 More on Riemann 1. State the Riemann Hypothesis. Hint: Look this up on Wikipedia. ˜ /493/Assignments/HW #12 – Version 1.0 ±ebruary 12, 2011 1...
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