APSC 248 syllabus 2009

APSC 248 syllabus 2009 - APSC 248(Winter Session Term 1...

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1 APSC 248 (Winter Session, Term 1 2009) Dynamic Systems Analysis School of Engineering University of British Columbia, Okanagan Course Instructor: Dr. Yang Cao Office: PBR-002 Phone: 807-9643 Email: [email protected] Office hours: Mon, Wed 10:00-11:30. Individual appointment can be arranged. However, advance notice, say 24 hours, will be appreciated. Random drop-in are welcome when the office door is open or ajar. Tutorial Instructors: Mr. Mingbo Niu (Ph.D. student, School of Engineering) Email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Nianxin TANG Email: [email protected]] Meeting Times and Locations: Lecture Section 101: Tue Thu, 11:00-12:30; (LIB317) Tutorial Section T1A: Wed, 12:30-13:30 (FIP139, Mr. Mingbo Niu) Tutorial Section T1B: Tue, 14:00-15:00 (ART 210, Mr. Mingbo Niu) Tutorial Section T1C: Fri, 14:30-15:30 (FIP139, Mr. Mingbo Niu) Tutorial Section T1D: Thu, 14:00-15:00 (FIP 250, Mr. Mingbo Niu) A student who has registered in APSC 248 Lecture Section 101 should register in one of above tutorial sections. Please go to the tutorial section you have registered for. Course Material: (1) Lecture Notes. (2) Michael D. Greenberg, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, second edition, Prentice Hall, 1998
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2 Detailed lecture notes will be posted on WebCT on weekly basis. A copy of both required textbooks will be placed in the reserve section of the library. WebCT: WebCT will be used to distribute information such as course syllabus, assignment problems & solutions, and announcements related to APSC 248. To log in, please visit the webpage https://www.elearning.ubc.ca/home/index.cfm using your CWL Login ID and Password (make sure you log in the WebCT for UBC O.) Grading Schemes: Assignments 15% Quizzes 5% Midterm 30% Final Exam 50% At UBC Okanagan, the letter grades are assigned according to the following conversion rules:: A+ (90%-100%), A (85%-89%), A- (80%-84%), B+ (76%-79%), B (72%-75%), B- (68%-71%), C+ (64%-67%), C (60%-63%), C- (55%-59%), D (50%- 54%), F (0-49%) (1) Assignments (15%): There are approximately 10-11 weekly assignments in total. All assignments must be submitted to the instructor in-class before the start of the lecture on the assignment due date . No late assignment will be accepted. All assignments will be graded by an experienced teaching assistant and are expected to be returned to the students within one week of submission. Collaboration among students is allowed for assignments. However, each student must write up his/her own assignment solution in his/her own words. More generally: The University of British Columbia is committed to the highest standards of academic
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APSC 248 syllabus 2009 - APSC 248(Winter Session Term 1...

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