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assign 1 - 20 kg(weights of other rotating parts may be...

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ENGR 387 Vibration of Mechanical Systems Design Assignment 1, Due Feb 13, 2009 Problem 1 (50 Marks) : A mass m is supported by two sets of springs oriented at 30˚ and 120˚ with respect to the X axis. A third pair of springs with a stiffness of k 3 each is to be designed so as to make the system have a constant natural frequency while vibrating in any direction x . Determine the necessary spring stiffness k 3 and the orientation of the springs with respect to the X axis. Problem 2 (50 Marks) : A 4-stroke reciprocating engine is to supply rotational power to a system. The engine is mounted as shown below and it weighs 100 kg. The flywheel has a weight of
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Unformatted text preview: 20 kg (weights of other rotating parts may be neglected). The maximum required operational speed is 1200 rpm and the flywheel has an unbalance distance of 20 mm. The engine can only move in vertical direction. A) Desing a proper foundation (i.e., a set of spring and damper) which would lead to a maximum vibration displacement of 5mm. B) Plot the time response of the engine mount within the considered operational range. C) Try to find a real spring and damper for your design from available catalogues/handbooks (do not forget to cite your reference in your report)....
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