Assignment#8 - APSC 252 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Instructor Dr Vladan Prodanovic September December 2008 School of Engineering University

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APSC 252 Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Instructor: Dr. Vladan Prodanovic September – December 2008 School of Engineering, University of British Columbia Okanagan APSC 252 Assignment-08 0809VP.doc Prodanovic 11/08 1 Assignment #8 Given: November 26, 2008 Due: December 3, 2008 in FIPKE (drop-box) Please submit your assignment on engineering paper, with your name and student number shown on the first page. Topic: Heat Transfer Reading: Lecture notes 1. A flat roof can be modeled as a flat plate insulated on the bottom and placed in the sunlight. The roof heats up by receiving heat from the sun and in the same time cools down by means of convection and radiation to the surrounding air. If the radiation heat that the roof receives from the sun is 600 W/m 2 , the convection heat transfer coefficient between the roof and the air is 12 W/m 2 K, and the air temperature is 27 o C, determine the roof temperature for the following two cases: a. Radiation heat loss to surroundings is negligible (i.e. assume heat loss by
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