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Assignment 5 - voltage gain in exercise 8.18 Note Do not...

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UBC Okanagan APSC 255 Analog and Digital Systems Assignment #5 Due Friday Oct. 31, 2008 in lecture. Note: No late assignments will be accepted. Show all work for all problems. No credit will be given if work is not shown. All problems must be submitted on engineering paper. Read Chapter 8 of “Electronics – A Systems Approach” up to and including section 8.6.7. Ignore any discussion on hybrid models and frequency effects. Do the following exercises found on pages 284 - 285 of the textbook. 8.10 (Assume V BE = 0.7 V) 8.11 8.13 8.14 (Assume V BE = 0.7 V) 8.15 8.18 (Assume h fe = 100) Find only the quiescent output voltage and small signal
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Unformatted text preview: voltage gain in exercise 8.18. Note: Do not merely copy equations from the text book and fill in the numbers. In the final exam, you will NOT be given equations for quiescent voltages and currents, small signal voltage gain, input resistance and output resistance. You will have to derive these equations yourself. Take this opportunity to make sure you can do this. Note that in the final exam you will be given the equations that define the transistor parameters h ie , h fe , h FE , g m , h oe , r e . APSC 255 Assignment #5 Page 1 of 1...
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