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APSC 175 Matter and Energy Instructor: Dr. Vladan Prodanovic September – December 2007 School of Engineering, University of British Columbia Okanagan APSC 175 Internal combustion engine project 0708VP.doc Prodanovic 11/07 1 Project #1 Given: November 9, 2007 Due: November 16, 2007 Topic: Internal Combustion Engines SHOW ALL of your work INCLUDING UNITS Use engineering paper for the presentation of your work Clearly explain all your assumptions Include references if data are taken from literature An oil engine operates on the ideal Diesel cycle with the compression ratio of 16:1. At the
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Unformatted text preview: beginning of the compression stroke the intake air has a temperature and pressure of 40 o C and 90 kN/m 2 , respectively. The maximum temperature of the cycle is 1400 o C. Determine: 1. The temperature and pressure at each of the process points of the cycle; 2. The consumption of fuel (the air/fuel mass ratio) per kilogram of air if the calorific value of the fuel is 43 MJ/kg; 3. The work done per kilogram of air 4. The thermal efficiency of the engine 5. The Carnot efficiency within the cycle temperature limits 6. Draw the cycle on a p-V diagram...
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