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Lab report format

Lab report format - School of Engineering APSC 255 Analog...

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School of Engineering Page 1 of 2 APSC 255 Analog and Digital Systems September 2009 Lab Report Format Lab documentation in APSC 255 has 2 components. COMPONENT I: Lab Notebook Lab books must be used for recording data and observations during the lab. - lab notebook must be bound - writing in pen only (pencil is OK for sketches and waveforms) - no white-out (errors must be crossed out in such a manner that they are still visible) - no pages will be torn out - start each new lab on a new page immediately after the previous lab’s data - at the end of each lab session, each student’s lab book will be i nspected by the lab instructor. COMPLETE and LEGIBLE lab books will be signed off. - use the tables in the “tables document” provided for each lab - these tables may be printed, physically cut out and pasted into the lab notebook, or reproduced by hand COMPONENT II : Lab Reports Lab reports will be completed by each student after lab sessions using the data in the student’s lab book.
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