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lab report writing guidelines

lab report writing guidelines - data All major calculation...

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APSC 175 – Matter and Energy Laboratory Report Writing Guidelines Structure: 1. Title Page Shows the title of experiment, date performed, submission date of report, lab session and list of students in the group (including their student IDs) 2. Objective (1 or 2 paragraphs) It usually contains a sentence or two explaining the purpose of the experiment. In addition, it can contain a very brief discussion of theoretical concepts, areas of application, importance and meaning of the physical quantity or process that is being investigated. 3. Experimental setup and procedure (1 to 2 pages) This section should include a schematic of the apparatus and a brief description of how it works. It should list all input parameters, all measured quantities and instruments used for measurements. DO NOT COPY THE HANDOUT! 4. Calculation procedure Calculations are usually performed to prepare the input parameters or to process recorded
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Unformatted text preview: data. All major calculation steps should be included in this section. This can be done either by listing the formulae with a brief explanation of why they are used, or by showing a sample calculation for one data point. Please note: the complete set of calculated data and results should be presented in the appendix (usually in tabular form). 5. Results and discussion (maximum 2 pages) This section contains a presentation of your major findings, tables with final data and graphs with explanations. All tables and figures should have captions which clearly describe the type of data presented. Include error analysis. 6. Conclusion (1 or 2 paragraphs) 7. Appendices Data sheets, tables with calculated data,…. Lab reports are due 1 week after the laboratory – to be coordinated with lab instructors...
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