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Pneumatic Systems - APSC 175 Matter and Energy Lab Sep-Dec...

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Sep-Dec 2007 University of British Columbia Okanagan - Engineering 1 Pneumatic Systems and Ideal Gas Law Behavior Pre-lab Assignments 1. Calculate the mass of each gas at STP a) 1.4 L of SO 2 , b) 3.5x10 5 L of CO 2 . 2. A cylinder containing 15.0 L of helium at a pressure of 165 atm is to be used to fill party balloons. Each balloon must be filled to a volume of 2.0 L at a pressure of 1.1 atm. What is the maximum number of balloons that can be inflated? Assume constant temperature. Introduction Pneumatics is by far the most common form of automation used worldwide. Hence in this lab, pneumatics is used as a means to introduce and discover the basic principles involved in Ideal Gas Law behavior. The students will utilize the ideal gas law and related equations to determine the behavior of a pneumatic system comprised of air tank, lines, valves, and air cylinders. Air cylinders are the most common linear motion device which uses a simple and readily available air supply typical of most shops and manufacturing facilities. The instructor will give an introduction to provide some understanding of the equipment utilized and the terms such as the cap end, rod end, annulus areas, and the volume displacement of each during a stroke for cylinder extension or retraction. Important formulas and information: Ideal Gas Law: PV=nR u T n – Number of moles [mol] R u – Universal Gas Constant = 8.3145 J/mol K p – Pressure [Pa] V – Volume [m 3 ] T – Temperature [K] Boyle's Law: p 1 V 1 = p 2 V 2, based on T 1 =T 2 =const . Force = Pressure x Area
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Pneumatic Systems - APSC 175 Matter and Energy Lab Sep-Dec...

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