project outline 2009 - APSC 258 HOVERCRAFT PROJECT...

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APSC 258 HOVERCRAFT PROJECT Instructors: Dr. S. Calisal, Dr. R. Seethaler, Dr. V. Prodanovic January – April 2009 School of Engineering, University of British Columbia Okanagan APSC 258 Hovercraft project assign 0809VP.doc Prodanovic 02/09 1 HOVERCRAFT PROJECT The hovercraft project is an integrated design project for 2 nd year engineering students. The goal of the project is to construct a moving platform (hovercraft) which satisfies the requirements in three major areas: structural, fluid mechanics and electrical control system The project assignment is a part of the APSC 258 course. It should be noted, however, that the project is essentially integrated into three courses and requires knowledge from APSC 253 Fluid Mechanics and APSC 260 Mechanics of Materials. It is required that at least one team member has completed or is currently taking APSC 260 and/or APSC 253. PROBLEM STATEMENT Design and construct a moving platform capable to maneuver and carry the assigned weight The moving platform should be capable to perform a set of tasks on an obstacle course during performance test/competition at the end of the term according to set rules. Use only provided materials and parts for construction of the moving platform RULES The hovercrafts can have a maximum of 4 fans or propellers and two battery packs. The overall geometry of the craft, the location of the fans, propellers, and payload are free. The hull of the hovercraft must be built using provided balsa wood and paper. Designed system must carry the weight of the computer board and a payload of at least 10N. The total energy consumed must be measured and recorded.
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project outline 2009 - APSC 258 HOVERCRAFT PROJECT...

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